Superhuman normals are descendants of the Celebrer users in the war who weren't affected by the drug's after-effects or toxicity. Despite how little in number they were, most were raised to become Hunters.[1] Unlike Twilights, superhuman normals do not wear tags and don't seem to be ranked in any way.


Due to their predecessors use of Celebrer, superhuman normals possess enhanced physical capabilities equal to, or sometimes exceeding, that of Twilights.[1] Also, because their predecessors were immune to the after-effects and toxicity of Celebrer, these superhuman normals do not suffer from the "compensation" that Twilights suffer from. As Worick noted, "Hunters are just like the Tagged without the compensation".[2]

Known Superhuman NormalsEdit

Speculated Superhuman NormalsEdit

Notes and TriviaEdit

  • It can be assumed that most superhuman normals were/are raised to become part of the Destroyers judging from Marco's past and his words on the matter.


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