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Light Brown
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Dr. Theo's clinic
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Japanese Voice Actor
Aoi Yūki
English Voice Actor
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Nina (ニーナ, Nīna) is a young talented girl that helps and learns from Dr. Theo at his clinic and is also one of Benriya's regular customers.


Nina has short ginger brown hair and a pair of light blue eyes. She often wears a simple dress and a shoulder bag.


Being a 12 year old, Nina is naive and energetic, however quite mature when it comes to certain things. She enjoys practicing her signing/speaking with  Nicolas Brown, and they tease each other much like siblings. Worick claims that her work ethic as a doctor's assistant puts adults to shame.


She's a nurse in training and works underneath Dr. Theo.


When Nina is first introduced in the series, she arrives at Benriya's apartment and is surprised to see an unfamiliar woman there. She happens to be one of Benriya's regular customers and comes around to learn sign language from Nic.


Nina seems to have a heightened sense of hearing as she was able to hear Worick some distance away in pouring rain.

She also have an incredibly wide knowledge in medication despite her age. This enables her to run Dr. Theo's clinic and treat patients whenever he is not around.


Nicolas BrownEdit

She shares a playful sibling relationship with him and comes to Benriya often to learn sign language. Her skills in sign language seemingly improved and she is able to communicate with Nicolas better. Among the few individuals affiliated to Nic, she is the first to be shown whom Nic openly interact in a familial, doubtless manner.

Like Worick, she would reprimand Nic for overdosing on the Celebrer drugs and urges him to take medication according to Dr. Theo's prescription.

Worick ArcangeloEdit

Worick is friendly to Nina as he is to almost everyone, and Nina is equally friendly to him. She stated that she is able to distinguish only his voice from a distance, which puzzled Worick.

The only problem Nina has on Worick is the fact that Worick's main job as a gigolo frustrates her. Nina is hinted to have a slight crush on Worick.

Quotes Edit

  • (To Alex Benedetto) "Alex-san... Nic is... Nic is not a bad person at all. He's just a bit of a meanie~"[1][2]



  • May have a sixth sense when it comes to Worick.
  • Nina has the same voice actor as Madoka from Madoka Magica and Krul Tepes from Owari No Seraph.
  • She resembles Hinami Fueguchi from Tokyo Ghoul


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  2. Episode 02

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