Personal Details
Eye Color
Hair Color
Dirty blonde
Unnamed mother, unnamed younger sibling
Professional Details
Voice Actors
First Appearance
Manga Debut
CURSED: Chapter 01
GANGSTA: Chapter 36

Minimi (最小, Saishō?) was a Hunter during the same time Marco was and appears in the spin-off series, GANGSTA:CURSED.


Minimi has straight dirty blonde hair reaching down to his shoulders that covers his eyes a little. A noticable facial feature is a scar that takes up most of the left side of his face. His Destroyers jacket is a jumpsuit that is open at the chest. He wears a low cut black shirt underneath with the sleeves on the shirt and jumpsuit rolled to the shoulders and a belt around the waist with a pouch attached at the back - which he uses to store viles of oil for his flamethrower. The pant legs are rolled up to mid-calves and he wears laced up boots. On his right hand he wears a glove is a portable flame-thrower.  


Minimi has a serious and quiet character.


Young Minimi

When he was younger, there was always someone at his home who was crying, it was always either his baby sibling or his mother. His mother needed money badly to repay loan sharks and was desperate. One day, while the loan sharks came collect money from his mother again, Minimi, who was sick of the grief in the family, grabbed a kitchen knife and killed all of the loan sharks. He did this in order to bring peace once and for all to his family. His mother then smiled looking at the money she had collected from the dead men. [1] Minimi was satisfied at the result and began his killing spree to support his family.

He kept killing people in the streets to earn money for his family, but it was never enough. He was noticed and recruited by Maverick to be part of the second Destroyers and was promised a large sum of money. [2]



Minimi was one of the members of the Second Destroyers.


He is seen along with younger Striker and Beretta in Marco's recollections when he is preparing himself to fight the third Destroyers to save Connie.


How a superhuman normal he's stronger than a twilight of rank A. 

He has a portable flamethrowing glove which he uses to burn people to death as shown in GANGSTA:CURSED. Also he use a TAC-TOPS Karambit knife (A variant of the Karambit knife that are used by the army elite) with which he is able to deflect bullets. 


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