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You wanna get rid of someone? Nicolas and Worick your two neighbourly gangsters also known as “Benriya” are for hire!

Hello and welcome to the GANGSTA. Wiki, the wiki dedicated to documenting everything about the GANGSTA. manga by Kohske. With over 9,303 edits since September 2011, feel free to jump in and fix whatever of the 164 pages you know of. Be mature, polite and help out!


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GANGSTA. follows the lives of Worick and Nic, a duo called Benriya (meaning “Handymen") that operate in the alternate history city of Ergastulum. Rife with racial tension between humans and the superhuman “Twilights”, Ergastulum’s uneasy balance is maintained by three ruling families and the Paulklee Guild. Benriya operate independently, taking jobs from both the mafia and the police.

When the police hire Benriya to kill a pimp named Barry and his prostitute Alex, what will they do?

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Featured Article
Doug anime

Doug (ダッグ, Daggu) was a high ranked Twilight of the Paulklee Guild. Originally from South Gate, Doug was brought to Ergastulum while he was still a young Twilight. He quickly became one of the guild's toughest fighters. Violent, sadistic when needed, childlike and short, Doug had all the features necessary for an assassin. However, later on, he ended up befriending Benriya and Nina. He was killed by Colt during the ambush on the Guild.

Main article: Doug

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Latest Chapter

As Worick notes that he always hated a particular side of Daniel Monroe, Marco and Striker begin their fateful reunion. Meanwhile Galahad determinedly continues fighting against Colt. Having realised the events that would soon occur in Ergastulum, a solemn Worick begins his plan to put a spanner in the works...

List of Chapters

Latest Episode
EP 12

Alex has some disturbing visions of her past, Nic is called to help "Bastard" and Marco is confronted by his demons. Meanwhile, at the Monroe mansion, a familiar face rampages in search of the boss...

List of Episodes

Wiki News
  • Welcome to the GANGSTA. Wiki! Have a look around and get stuck in editing! All help is appreciated!
  • Unfortunately, the anime adaptation of GANGSTA. has come to an end... but we hope it returns in the future!
Featured Picture
Nic Fighting
"Guess who's behind you..."
Featured Quote
Well then, Mr. Elephant or the Golden Balls... which one should go first?

Worick Arcangelo, Chapter 09

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I asked who your favourite Twilight was and you answered! I probably shouldn't have added Nic to the poll because he's obviously your favourite! And so the winner is Nicolas Brown Delico!! Love_it_Clap.gif
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Position Who's Your Favourite Twilight? Votes Percent
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2nd Delico 14 8.05%
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4th Ginger 8 4.60%
5th Veronica 4 2.30%
6th Galahad Woehor 3 1.72%
7th Erica 2 1.15%
8th Gina Paulklee 1 0.57%


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