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Daniel Monroe

Daniel Monroe anime

Daniel Monroe

Danieru monrō
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Daniel Monroe (ダニエル・モンロー, Danieru monrō?) is the current leader of the Monroe Family and a cornerstone for the protection of Twilights in Ergastulum.


Daniel is an aged man with brown hair, light blue eyes and thin hair on his chin. He tends to wear smart suits and is rarely, if ever, seen without one on.


He is absolutely calm and unshakable under pressure. Despite the general attitude towards Twilights, Daniel shows the same consideration towards Delico as his other subordinates. However his benevolent personality is really a mask to hide his true self. Behind closed doors, Daniel sees Twilights as beasts who will turn on their friends as long as they are told to by their masters, showing the same discriminatory mindset seen in most Superhuman Normals. He is deceitful, cruel, and manipulative. He is the person responsible for the orphanage raid that resulted in Erica getting kidnapped, and allowing the Destroyer attacks to occur. He appears to have a great loathing for Ergastulum, seeing it as cesspool filled with vermin i.e. Twilights.


Daniel is called the foundation for the Three Principles adhered to by Twilights. The Cristiano Family is under his jurisdiction and Loretta refers to him as "Uncle Daniel". Worick says that he won't let anything happen to the Monroe Family as thanks for Daniel taking care of him and Nic in the past.



Though now something of an administrative figure, apparently he had a reputation as a marksman when he was younger as Doug called him "Gunslinger Danny". According to Worick, his agility, reflexes and precision are above what a normal is capable of, highlighting at his nature as a superhuman normal.[1]


Daniel wields a revolver and is extremely proficient in its use, being able to repel both Doug[2] and Nicolas,[3] both A/0 rank Twilights, on separate occasions.



  • Daniel is actually a superhuman normal, the same kind as Marco Adriano or Striker, and is assumed to have consumed Celebrer on a somewhat regular basis. Dr. Theo hid Daniel's Celebrer as cold medicine so no one would notice.[1]


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