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Chado Adokinsu
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Chad Adkins (チャド・アドキンス, Chado Adokinsu?) is a high-ranking police officer that works for Ergastulum's Police department.


Chad has spiky blonde hair that is combed back and a pair of blue eyes. His usual attire consists of a formal white shirt buckled at the waist with a black belt, a stripped blue tie (plain in the anime), often topped by a brown suit (beige in the anime), and matching trousers, finished with a pair of dark brown office shoes.


Chad has a hard and grumpy personality that yells a lot when it comes to things that really irritates him and make more problems for his job. Sometimes he's also lazy when it comes to paperwork, thus throwing away the responsibility to Cody. However, behind that grumpy attitude Chad also seem to care about Worick and Nicolas. He is assumed to smoke a lot, according to his junior partner Cody.


Inspector Chad Adkins is a police inspector who frequently calls upon Worick and Nicolas to help deal with certain figures in police cases, as he cannot personally touch them due to the lack of evidence. He is also called upon by many characters for corpse disposal.

He seems to have known Worick and Nicolas for a long time, as he's seen in a flashback patching up a young wounded Nicolas.


Adkins hires Worick and Nicolas to deal with Barry Abott, a pimp who's organization has been expanding their activities into the turfs of other gangs, angering the other mafia bosses. Adkins tells Worick and Nicolas to completely erase him and everything related to his gang to keep the peace. Later, seeing that Worick has taken Alex as the "loot", he yells in frustration as it breaks the terms of the mission. Nicolas quickly silences him by denting his car, reminding him that they aren't his underlings.


Cody Balfour: Chad is Cody's senior and also his partner.

Benriya: Chad has known both Worick and Nicolas when they were still young. He is also one of Benriya's regular customers when it comes to handling some dirty works. He is also appears to be supporting when it comes to these two and really seems to be familiar with them.

His wife is mentioned throughout the story. She remains to be unseen.


  • (Talking about Nicolas and Worick) "Those boys never changed, ever since I first met them.......... Actually.. They did change.."



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